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It could take days. Time appears to be slowing down, just as it does in the violent instant of sudden impact. There are exhibitions, concerts, films, performances, readings and walks. A whole radio channel, Radio Boredcast , is playing a marvellously motley selection of programmes: as I write, I'm listening to John Cage in conversation with composer Morton Feldman. The festival needs more time than anyone could possibly have, and takes its title from an organ piece by Cage — a performance of which, begun in in a church in Germany, isn't scheduled to reach its conclusion until That's years.

See you at the interval. Cage and Feldman are inspirations for Susan Stenger 's sound installation, which resonates under the concrete domed entrance to the Newcastle Civic Centre. Trained as a classical flautist, Stenger is best known as a rock bassist and leader of the Band of Susans.

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Using clock time and lunar cycles, the I Ching and the Chinese zodiac, musical development and the harmonic circle of fourths, Stenger's composition is as much sculptural and environmental as it is something to be listened to. Vertiginous, droning, rushing, discrete, insidious and extremely beautiful, such orchestral slowness makes me feel I am standing in a whirling panopticon, surrounded by her circle of speakers, Newcastle in early spring roaring beyond the s concrete pillars.

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The work starts to inhabit you, just as you inhabit the space. It's a perfect match.


The theme of the festival is more than simply slowness, duration or endurance. Benedict Drew's The Persuaders , installed in the Newcastle building where Robert Stephenson built the Rocket steam locomotive in , had me running for the door. Another spooky voice, which I think was my own, whispered "Leave now, asshole", so I did.

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What's with the slowness? I didn't even have time to grab any slow food. The festival's director, Rebecca Shatwell, seems to be a human whirlwind, too. She's trying to encourage us all to slow down — which is why I'm counting out the millennia, reading a list of odd-numbered years into the far-flung future, while the woman who sits beside me at the big desk in an empty gallery at Baltic, in Gateshead, reads out the even ones.

Start again. Four hundred and …" I'm fluffing it. Between us, the female volunteer and I are reading from the 20 volumes of a book filled with nothing but columns of dates, going a million years into the future, and a million into the past. Conseguir libro impreso. Hobbes and the Artifice of Eternity. Christopher Scott McClure.

Cambridge University Press , 27 oct. Thomas Hobbes argues that the fear of violent death is the most reliable passion on which to found political society. His role in shaping the contemporary view of religion and honor in the West is pivotal, yet his ideas are famously riddled with contradictions. Oddly enough, these "institutional" and "transcendental" approaches have not been pitched against each other in a critical way. Borges, between History and Eternity brings these perspectives together by considering key aspects of Borges's work-the reciprocal determinations of politics, philosophy and literature; the simultaneously confining and emancipating nature of language; and the incipient program for a literature of the Americas.

Foreword South, North, Beyond I. God and Country 2.

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Intelligent, illuminating, original, worthy of its ambitious subject. I have read it with increasing pleasure, and finished it feeling I now had a better understanding of Borges's seemingly simple and apparent, but in fact deeply mysterious intelligence. Life of the best kind, which in the world of literary criticism means precision, intellectual agility, microscopically close reading and, above all, the will to go against the grain of the most respected conventional wisdom.

To dismantle the old dilemma of Borges studies-Borges, universal or local? Metaphysical or down-to-earth? Abstract or political? Which is to say the swinging operation that requires crossing and interchanging the terms of an opposition that once seemed ironclad.

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