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Thanks for subscribing to my blog! With one click, please share with others so that they also can get my FREE e-book:. A person with a true Christian worldview will turn his or her beliefs into action every day and fully integrate Christian ethics into their daily life. In law enforcement, having a Christian worldview means upholding ethics not only because it is legally and professionally prudent, but because of the police officer's desire to please God and abide by His word. Years of training and education cannot wipe out the impact of a worldview that has been honed over the course of a lifetime.

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In those tense situations when snap judgments take over, a law enforcement official's underlying worldview is likely to impact how he or she responds. Professionals equipped with a consistent Christian worldview strive to be more like Christ in all they do, and while they're bound to fall short of this ideal, their Christianity can successfully guide them through difficult ethical dilemmas. One of the biggest struggles for Christian criminal justice professionals lies in the temptation to eschew their personal ethics in favor of the values adopted by the criminal justice system, or worse, in favor of workplace subcultures.

Many elements of the Christian worldview can be found in detention centers, courtrooms, and other settings. But this overlap may begin to dissipate when workplace and academic culture come into play.


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Despite this, many law enforcement officials have succeeded in their efforts to let their faith guide their work. Unfortunately, this can be surprisingly difficult when there's pressure to fit the mold.

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  8. While there is value in fitting in with other law enforcement professionals, Christian police officers must know when to draw a hard line and abide by the framework of Christianity. In the Book of Matthew, Jesus claimed, "I was in prison and you came to visit me. Those with jobs in criminal justice must abide by professional standards, but they can still extend empathy and compassion to incarcerated individuals, while also providing an exceptional example of what it means to lead a life guided by Christian morals.