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Swiftlets usually enjoy a good level of welfare in this tradition of semi-domestication. Otherwise, the birds may leave and search for better living conditions. Even so, some farmers still incorporate unethical practices into their farming. This includes harvesting the nest before the eggs are laid, which can cause trauma to mother birds. Harvesting a nest with eggs or young birds inside it also poses ethical concerns that farmers should heed. Despite all the delicate conditions and monetary investment needed to farm swiftlets, this is still a high-risk industry.

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Failures to produce profit and massive loss of capital are not unheard of in this industry. There are just so many things that could go wrong such as failing to attract swiftlets or environmental changes like lack of food in the ecosystem that drive the birds away.

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Harvesting is another challenge in itself. Swiftlets like to establish their dwellings high in ceilings, which has proven to be potentially life-threatening for people who collect the nests.

Bird’s nest soup – a delicacy made out of saliva

What has not changed much since the early days is the dynamics of the trade itself, as countries like Indonesia cultivate the birds, harvest their nests and send them on their way to China. As per October , only 21 out of more than exporters in Indonesia passed the long and tedious certification process according to new regulations, allowing them to sell. In , only 52 tonnes were legally traded to China, with the remaining illicitly sold in black markets via a third party in countries like Vietnam. The nests also contain carbohydrates, ash and a small quantity of lipids naturally occurring molecules that include fats.

Previous research has indicated that the nests contain substances that can stimulate cell division and growth, enhance tissue growth and regeneration, and that it can inhibit influenza infections. But not everyone reacts well to them. Little research has been carried out on their biological function so far, and more is needed to better understand the qualities attributed to them, they conclude.

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Where To Try Bird's Nest Soup In Bangkok

And with all the casing passing through the business, it might not be so different from a casino anyway. Little birds, tiny swiftlets to be more precise, build nests high up in caves near the sea.

I got the second cheapest one available: THB per bowl. It came in a small white soup bowl, along with gingko nuts, a bit of high quality honey, and a soft boiled egg.

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The soup is sort of thick and a little slimy. Prices vary greatly, but I do know that you might need to hit the casino jackpot before you purchase some of the prize stock at Burapa.

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Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I even heard that bird nest is very good for your skin. Make it healthier and glowing. But looks like it is very mainstream in thailand if you can see a stall selling it. In here, you usually will find it only in a chinese restaurant. Mark what you eat is uncleaned one.

Thats why you found some leather. Also i find it some kind of nasty to eat that with soft boiled egg..

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I suggest you to visit Indonesia. Indonesia food is truly delicious here. We cook it with some herbs and fruits. Fruits make it taste sweet yet we dont need to add sugar.