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Nonresident CDL. Application for commercial driver's license. Type of driving certification requirements. Medical certification. Noncompliance with certification requirements. Commercial driver's license.

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Commercial and school vehicle drivers prohibited from operating with any alcohol in system. Implied consent requirements for commercial motor vehicle drivers. Notification of traffic convictions. Authority to enter agreements. Fines exempt from Judicial Computer Account. Prohibition against discharging, disciplining or discriminating against employees. Commercial driver records.

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Texting while driving. Handheld mobile telephone. Financial Responsibility. Application of chapter.

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Administration of chapter. Election of tort options. Required benefits. Availability of benefits. Source of benefits. Ineligible claimants. Availability of adequate limits. Payment of benefits. Stacking of benefits. Exclusion from benefits.

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Coordination of benefits. Statute of limitations. Preclusion of recovering required benefits. Reporting requirements. Certain nonexcludable conditions. Rental vehicles. Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage. Availability, scope and amount of coverage. Limits of coverage Repealed. Priority of recovery.

Request for lower limits of coverage. Coverages unaffected by workers' compensation benefits Repealed.

Read e-book Dare to Lose PA

Coverages in excess of required amounts. Workers' compensation benefits not a bar to uninsured and underinsured motorist benefits Repealed. Stacking of uninsured and underinsured benefits and option to waive. Assigned Risk Plan.

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Scope of plan. Termination of policies.

Subchapter E. Assigned Claims Plan. Eligible claimants. Benefits available. Additional coverage. Subchapter F. Catastrophic Loss Trust Fund Repealed. Subchapter G.

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Nonpayment of Judgments. Court reports on nonpayment of judgments. Suspension for nonpayment of judgments. Continuation of suspension until judgments paid and proof given. Payments sufficient to satisfy judgments. Installment payment of judgments. Subchapter H. Proof of Financial Responsibility. Notice of sanction for not evidencing financial responsibility. Manner of providing proof of financial responsibility.

Proof of financial responsibility before restoring operating privilege or registration. Proof of financial responsibility following violation. Proof of financial responsibility following accident. Required financial responsibility.

Neighborhood electric vehicles. Subchapter I. Miscellaneous Provisions. Notice of available benefits and limits. Disclosure of premium charges and tort options. Motorcycle marshals. Availability of uninsured, underinsured, bodily injury liability and property damage coverages and mandatory deductibles. Special provisions relating to premiums.