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Wisdom has a wonderful imagination and a wicked sense of humor that comes across in her writing. Her characters are fun and quirky and a blast to read.

Jul 24, Liz rated it it was ok Shelves: urbanfantasy-paranormal , reads. This book is set in the same "reality" as Wisdom's Hex series, but - pardon the pun, it seems to lack some of the magic. The author assumes a lot of background knowledge on the part of the reader and I have difficulty seeing it either as a stand alone book or as a continuation of the series.

While The book does add to the "reality" created in the hex series, but leaves the reader confused when attempting to add to it. Both the demon realm and the Hellion Guard both seem lacking.

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The beginning of This book is set in the same "reality" as Wisdom's Hex series, but - pardon the pun, it seems to lack some of the magic. The beginning of the book didn't really feel congruent with the reality created in the previous books, but the writing style felt more consistent toward the end.

The author also references previous book in minor blurbs that lack any real connection. The plot does read as a stand-alone novel and is interesting. There are occasional sparks of the sense of humor that I really enjoyed in Wisdom's previous books. Something was lacking through-out the book.

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It didn't have the tongue in cheek humor or general sense of mischief that I enjoyed in the Hex books. I don't rule out continuing the series - I mean my perseverance with LKH's books despite, well, everything, but I really hope that some of the "magic" is in any follow ups. There are only a few things wrong with this book and as a whole maybe that's what threw me off. I don't feel like going into too many details because frankly my apathy won't allow it.

Needless to say, I thought the dialogue was a little stunted, the suddenness of the relationship and subsequent events view spoiler [ dream stalking or whatever you want to call it should only be allowed First as a way to meet or reintroduce someone or by the third date. There was nothing inherently bad about this book, it just didn't hold my interest past page Demons are a Girl's best Friend was a kindle cheapie recently might still be but I am half way through and even though it seems like it has 'all the right stuff' - kickbutt witchy heroine, supernatural law enforcement, fae BFF, hunky demon love interest and the fate of the world hanging in the balance if a prophecy comes true - I am just not feeling it.

I keep asking myself, "Is it worth finishing? Oct 02, Carmel Rabid Reads rated it really liked it. Only having to read one book in order catch up on Linda Wisdom's Demons 's series is an easy task. Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend 's colorful characters, whirlwind pace and happy ending make this novel easy to love. This is my second witchy read this week and I'm beginning to think that my perception of them is all wrong! Maggie is a powerful, no-nonsense preternatural who's so badass I'm scouring my thesaurus trying to find an adjective that does her justice!

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So far, the characters in this series are amazing! Aside from Maggie's kickassedness, her flame Declan is my dream guy I know, he's taken but a girl can fantasize. He's part fire demon and that trait alone makes him HOT! I'm an Aries so I love the color red and anything that's flame related. Stereotypical much? Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Declan's got a lot more going for him than just his sex appeal; he's also smart, family-oriented, holds his own in a fight and of course, is great in bed.

I liked how Maggie would mess with him whenever he'd put his foot in his mouth or say something that she didn't like. More than once he found himself wearing his drink or getting rained on in his office. The witch's spells take playful teasing to a whole new level! My favorite character was Elle by a landslide. She's a jeweled, black widow tattoo and part of Maggie's arsenal of weapons. When Elegance isn't dropping witty remarks she's busy researching ways to keep her lovers from dying. I'm sure you're already familiar with the fact that this type of spider eats their mates once the deed is done.

I liked the background story of the Demons world.

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The guards are an interesting bunch with a wide variety of histories and supernatural traits. I also loved how Maggie isn't your typical witch. She's years old and comes off as something "more" than just human. The plot line captivated me early on. The protagonist ends up stuck playing mom to a teenager which, understandably, ends up being an absolute nightmare! Maggie eventually has to tell her charge that she's a witch but puts a spell on Courtney so that she can't reveal the secret.

Only gibberish comes out of the kid's mouth whenever she tries to say something magic-related. This made for a few hilarious conversations about potholes and frying pans! Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend is a multifaceted read packed with so much good stuff that it's overflowing! I'm very happy with my decision to give this series a try and I'm even happier that A Demon Does It Better is already loaded onto my Kobo.

Linda Wisdom is now on my list of must-read authors and I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for her future publications. Jun 06, Amanda rated it it was ok Shelves: read-in , on-kindle. Actual rating: 2. Maggie is a kick-ass witch with a sarcastic bent to her humor, and Declan is a sexy half fire-demon who is just different enough from Maggie to cause serious sparks ha, accidental pun. But rather than watching the sparks fly with sexual tension and wariness, Declan and Maggie give in to their mutual attraction without much fight.

And I never Actual rating: 2. And I never really understood why. I generally always want a HEA in my romance, but I also like to take an emotional ride to get there. This ride was more like a stroll down the driveway. It was nice and sweet, but I wanted something more. That said, I really enjoyed many of the side characters — Elle, the black widow spider looking for a way to keep her lovers around longer, Sybil, the angelic looking elf who was a serious hard-ass in the interrogation room, and Courtney, the teenager slotted for sacrifice. There were a couple serious laugh out loud moments in this book, like when Maggie put a spell on Courtney so that Courtney would be unable to tell anyone who and what Maggie was without sounding like a fool, and how frustrated Courtney became when all that was coming out of her mouth was nonsense when she tried.

Apr 19, Mary rated it really liked it Shelves: , from-publisher-author , arc. Maggie is an old witch, ok, not that she looks old, but still she has the wisdom of age. She works for the Hellion Guard, a secret police-like agency for paranormals. Her new job is to protect a teen, who seems to have a lot of enemies including some ancient Mayans who want to take over the world.

She literally runs into Declan, a smoking hot partial demon that runs a nightclub when a bust goes bad. The two have definite sparks and Maggie's sharp tongue is a pleasure to read about. The two have Maggie is an old witch, ok, not that she looks old, but still she has the wisdom of age. The two have massive chemistry even though neither will admit it and only join forces when the evil Mayans try to sacrifice the teen in order to bring about world domination. You need to read the book in order to find out if the two can save the teen and prevent world wide destruction.

Linda Wisdom is one of my favorite paranormal authors and her Hex series is loads of fun. She carries over the snappy dialogue from her previous series and this one has just the right amount of romance that is never forced or predictable. I love how she has the pace perfected and matched with humor.

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There is never a dull moment and now I can't wait for the next one in the series. Sep 18, Melanie rated it really liked it. A really good, fun, easy read. It was full of humour with a Kick ass main Character, Maggie who is a witch. Ok, shes not that original.

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Standard heroine stuff but Im a sucker for these type of books and this delivered big style. Hot stuff literally in the shape of Declan, a fire demon and an apocalyptic plotline where A really good, fun, easy read. Hot stuff literally in the shape of Declan, a fire demon and an apocalyptic plotline where you just know Maggie is going to save the day.

Looking forward to the next in the series Apr 07, Bridget rated it it was amazing.

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I have been a fan of the paranormal genre for as long as I can remember. I was instantly sucked into the plot and couldn't think about anything but reading this book. Linda has made her way into my all-time favorite authors list. If demons, witches and a fun-filled read is what you are in the mood for, this is the perfect book to curl up with. A wonderful addition to her witches series!

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Declan is a demon to lust after. Sep 24, Ms. Nikki rated it did not like it Shelves: own-it-pb-or-hc , a-light-simple-read , paranormal-romance , skimmed-hard-to-finish-or-unfinis , angels-demons-gods. Fluff, fluff, fluffity, fluff, fluff. The writing was alright, I just never got hooked on this story. Refund, please. Maggie O'Malley, is a witch and part of the Hellion Guard. She and her 4 teammates are one of several teams working out of the Hellion post in Texas providing law enforcement over the paranormals.