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Alli was a year older than me. Fast forward to when I was 16, and mom told me that before I was born I had a sister named Alli, and she had passed away due to complications idr what the problem was, something about her lungs I think. My mom tells me that it was probably all a coincidence since a divorce was going on during that time and I wanted a friend. The man that comes and talks to us at night until we fall asleep.

I have four little cousins in who never got to meet my grandfather—he passed before they were born. One morning, they ran downstairs for breakfast as they usually do. They were pointing at a picture of my grandfather that they never got to meet.

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This old rose garden was apparently under a newer wing of the home. Being in this huge, dark, old, creepy building that had a very awful history and then that happening? Fuck that, I would never do my rounds alone when it happened, it was terrifying! Ghost writing appeared on the wall in paint. We were under a lot of stress and other family issues at the time as well, but that is besides the point.

My sister and my mom were painting the upstairs walls as we got the house to get ready. My mom was on the wall to the far right, there was a blank wall in the middle, and my sister was on the far left. I was downstairs packing up things into boxes. Anyway, suddenly, my sister comes downstairs she is older than me looking scared out of her mind. She asks me to come upstairs.

Looking closely enough, you can see it was not written by accident, but rather by broad strokes made by a human hand. Problem is, the handprint is too big for any of us three to make it. The longer we stayed in the room, the more freaked out we got as we realized that nobody was playing a prank on anyone else. I still have no explanation to this day of what it means. This Number Has Been Disconnected. A few years ago my brother would get a call on his cellphone around — A. He would answer and it was this hellish sounding noise.

Like static mixed with screams. He changed his cell number after a month of this and it stopped. Then after a week or so it began again. The exact same noise. Exact same time. Finally one day he decided to backdial the call.

Devils t table

It was an old man that had no clue what he was talking about. Still the calls persisted. No messages were left. He decided to say screw it. Ended his contract with his phone company, switched to a new one, and then got another new number. You guessed it, the screaming static calls continued after a short delay.

By this time he was terrified every night. Unsure why this was happening. He backdialed the number again and got a different person. Around this time he lost his job and his phone.

The Devil's Tea Tables: West Virginia Ghost Stories And Other Tales

The calls stopped of course. His phone was disconnected now. So one day my mom asks me to listen to this weird message she got on our home phone. It was the static screaming.

Devil's Tea Tables

We showed my brother and he was freaking out. He backdialed the number again and it said the number was disconnected this time. Sis Gets Her Own Phone. It was a pre-paid landline though, so basically no one could call in or out if she ran out of credit, much like a mobile phone. Anyway, every night at 3am her phone would ring.

She said there was a man on the other line, and she would get really scared and come running to my room. To be honest, since she was about 10, I thought it was just these stupid scary movies she liked to watch. Eventually she just got rid of the phone.

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In any case, I recall this stopping. Checking The Meter. A man knocked on her door and she opened her main door but kept her screen door locked. He said he was from the gas company and wanted to talk to her parents. When he found the screen door to be locked he pulled out a fucking box cutter and started to cut through the screen.

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She said she sat there for about 10 minutes before the police arrived. Thank god a neighbor saw everything and called the police or she probably would be dead. Also to put the cherry on the freaking creepy sundae, they found the intruder hiding in the attic. Not alone in bed. She then woke up and said she thought she saw someone at the end of the bed. Thinking it was just a dream, or semi-awake hallucination, we thought nothing of it and went back to sleep. About an hour later, I woke up and saw someone standing on the bed, with the sheets wrapped up and twisted to their neck.

I had been dreaming the exact same thing that she did, and said the exact same thing.

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When I was growing up one of my best friends told me a about a very creepy situation involving him, his younger brother, and a man in the window. When my friend and his little brother were younger they shared a bedroom. The first thing my friend did was jump up and turn the light on, then ran into his parents room to tell them what he saw. When his parents came back into their room to investigate, his younger brother was having a seizure in his crib. He saw baby sized handprints on the windows.

My friend and a few of his college buddies were going on a ghost hunt, and had heard about some graveyard where children murdered by their mother had been buried. The graveyard was located off the main road, so my friend parked his car on the side of the road, and the group people I believe got out and followed the small path through the woods for a couple minutes to get to the graveyard. Once there, nothing exciting happened for the first 10 minutes or so, and they had tried everything the website or wherever they heard the story told them to do, with nothing resulting.

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They got bored, and being typical, inebriated college kids, started taunting the supposed ghost of the mother. This continued for a few minutes before they tired, and decided to go back to the car as one of the girls had to go to the bathroom. He attributed this to bad memory at the time. The group drove home, laughing and talking like normal.

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After he had dropped all the others off at their homes, he went back to his own house. He got in at the same time as one of his roommates, who stopped and waited for him to pull in. The roommate had his phone out, and shined the light in the window when his friend pulled in as a joke.