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About this Item Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Bookseller Inventory n Ask Seller a Question. About this title Synopsis: A hidden story from the real world, how people suffering under the regime of communist people, how they hiding themselves in darkness and afraid with the bad leaders and why? This isn't totally true, as one of the most prominent programmers at Squaresoft in the old days was a man named Nasir Gebelli, who was Iranian-American. If you have performed the code correctly, then the game with freeze for a few seconds and the word "NAS" will appear on the status bar.

The end of the world is averted, but all Mana is banished to another dimension.

This means that the Sprite party member will be forced to leave the world, due to his connection to magic. The party manages to slay the Mana Beast, but the Sprite is banished before he can even say goodbye to his friends.

This final shot of the moon is actually one of the most curious aspects of the game. The appearance of the moon can be different depending on what you do during your playthrough.

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No one knows exactly what triggers each phase of the moon. Some fans speculate that it may have been a relic from the SNES-CD version of the game, which may have included a timing element that wasn't properly added into the cartridge version of the title. Nintendo used to be the strictest company when it came to censoring their games for the Western market.

The game actually managed to sneak something dirty past the rating board. There are two enemies in the game which are sentient books that can flip through their pages and cast random spells on the party. They are called the Mystic Book and the National Scar. It is likely that the rating board never encountered this enemy action, which is probably how it remained in the game.

Dirty Game A Never Ending Story

It was intended to be a game released for the Famicom Disk System, which would have come on five floppy disks. This would have made it the biggest game on the system. The company entered dire financial straits which almost bankrupted them. They had the money to release one more game, but they believed that it would be their last. Ted Woolsey is one of the most divisive figures in video game history.

He was responsible for translating some of Squaresoft's biggest games into English.

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The issue he faced was that there generally wasn't enough room in the memory of the games to include an English script that matched the length of the Japanese original. This meant that he was forced to cut or change parts of the dialogue. He was also known for adding corny jokes and puns. To some fans, his work bastardizes the original intent of the creator's of the game, while others love the character that he inserted into otherwise bland scenes. The reason for this was because Ted Woolsey was only given thirty days to translate it.


The main piece of edited content in the game comes in the form of a monster called the Kettle Kin. This was a giant robot boss that you fought about halfway through the game. In the English language version of Secret of Mana , it wielded two giant hammers that it used to squash your party members.

In the Japanese version of the game, it wielded a massive chainsaw and used it to slice your party members. There was no blood depicted in these attacks. It is odd that a chainsaw would be censored in a Squaresoft game on the Super Nintendo. One of the reasons it was so beloved was due to its in-depth strategy guides, which told you how to complete even the most difficult of games. These guides were a life saver in the days before the Internet, as they explained secrets that developers had only put in to torment gamers.

As such, they would hire artists and illustrators to come up with drawings for the magazine.

The two most disturbing pictures are the white-eyed version of the Tiger boss from the beginning of the game and the monstrous reimagining of the final battle against the Mana Beast. In , a series of photos were taken of the surface of Mars by two orbiters.

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  • One of these images became famous, due to the fact that it appeared to show a face-like structure on the surface of the planet. This image sparked numerous theories and controversies about the idea of life existing on Mars. There have been other photos of this area of Mars taken in recent years, which have proven that this image was an optical illusion and no faces actually exist on the surface of the planet.

    It seems that the face on Mars sparked some interest among the staff at Squaresoft, however, as it appeared in several of their games. There are also two faces hidden beneath the depths of the water in Secret of Mana. You can see them if you fly around on Flammie with the birds-eye camera view selected.

    Speedruns have become a popular pastime on YouTube and other streaming video sites. These are specific runs of video games that involve completing them as quickly as possible. Speedruns come in two different varieties: glitch and non-glitch.

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