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This means taking more time to think about what we put inside our bodies. Nutrition plays a huge role in our wellbeing.

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A proper burger, totally vegan. This means a menu full of plants of all colours, fresh herbs and spices, good fats, fish, meats, seeds and nuts.

Inside Is Love

With fermented foods thrown in for good measure, to help make a healthy gut. To get a little more technical, this means foods that are anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and full of a wide variety of nutrients. And as a bonus, this diet also helps us to leave our planet in better health. He maintains that this duty to take care of his loved ones is what wakes him up each morning with a smile on his face and an unbridled need for achievement.

When Love convinces himself to take a break, he likes to enjoy riding his dirt bike along the peaceful desert trails or traveling the globe to a new and exciting destination, or perhaps he is indulging in a Spanish or Caribbean dish, two of his favorite foods.

Leon Bridges - Beyond (Official Video)

Love has gone toe-to-toe with adversity his entire life and his battle is most glaring under the bright lights within the ring. Love is looking to continue taking care of business in the ring and is eager for his next opportunity. He vows that he will always find a way to come out on top, and if his past is any barometer for his future, he will.

All Fighters. Prev Fighter Next Fighter. Your ancestors were cannibals. These teeth are the same that lions and tigers have.

There to tear meat apart. So, in answer to your question, my mindset at that time was the same it has been since that day in I approached the album with the same love and same weird chords that nobody ever knows where I get them from.

Love for Levon - Wikipedia

With an old attitude! And, talking about new music, which artists do you like in modern soul today? Oh, and John Legend. You should YouTube an interview we did together talking about love songs.

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BW: Leon — I should let you go and enjoy the sunshine. Any closing thoughts or message?

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  • Die konventionellen Lügen der Kulturmenschheit (German Edition);
  • LW: Let me know if you need any more than what you have — I never have to think about it. If I could give my gift away I would but my wife is very healthy and she has a huge appetite so I have to make sure she is fed very well! And with that, Leon was off. An endlessly generous and thoughtful musician who can never do enough for the next man and, happily, is incapable of providing a trite or linear answer!

    Be With: Leon! Leon Ware: Sunshine, blue skies and palm trees.

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    Oh, and lots of cute booties. BW: Excellent, just as we remember it. LW: Yes I just turned 74, three weeks ago in fact. BW: Happy belated birthday!

    Kings of Leon Release Full Length “WALLS (We Are Like Love Songs)”

    BW: Ah. Sorry Leon. So what do you know about our release? BW: And that is?

    BW: Wow, that sounds great Leon. BW: I bet. LW: I wear the bed.