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Our student body also consists of 70 percent working women, many of which also support families. Earning a college degree can also can positively affect your job retention.

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  • It’s Never Too Late to Finish What You’ve Started.

Many employees who already have jobs are more likely to keep their jobs if they have a degree. There is a strong correlation between achieving higher education and the rate of unemployment. For each higher level of education completed, the unemployment rate drops significantly.

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For those with an associate degree, the unemployment rate was 7. First of all, many college graduates have a better outlook on life.

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  • May no rash intruder disturb their soft hours, No. 14 from Oratorio Solomon, Act 1 (HWV67).

If you have kids, do you want them to pursue higher education? Contact the South College Admissions office. We offer more than 30 different degree programs across education, business, healthcare and more! D at South College. We offer a variety of resources to help you navigate your academic career while supporting your family at home. Contact our admissions office at , and one of our friendly admissions counselors will be able to help you get started. Ministry was the beginning of the miracle. I volunteered my time, my limited energy and strength, and all my talents to this committee that eventually grew to six women.

Every time I thought I was all used up, God somehow replenished me, refilled me, and gave me new ideas that were enthusiastically embraced by the committee.

I learned that every time ministry empties you, God fills you right back up Over time, I got to know these five other ladies like they were my own sisters. We exchanged literally hundreds of texts and phone calls and attended dozens of meetings together. We prayed together for the ladies of our church and for each other. Slowly, text by text, meeting by meeting, my fences came down. Pretty soon, I felt safe enough to talk, and when I did, these five ladies started loving me for no good reason except that the Spirit of God made them beautiful; made them want to love me.

And because my fences were coming down, I could start to see and feel the love. I began to accept it, and then I began to return it. And finally, I started giving myself away; giving out of the abundance God had provided me and I found it brought me joy. I wrote notes, gave gifts, prayed with friends, prayed for loved ones, cried out to God with tears for the plights of those I loved, and uplifted and encouraged my brothers and sisters in Christ as God gave me opportunity. It HAD to spill out and over onto everyone I met.

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And now? I am blessed by the beautiful sweet spirits of the ladies on this committee. I am blessed to give until I am spent. I am blessed that on an ordinary Sunday, five women walked into my life and decided to stay, that these five women risked being rejected to love me before I could love them back.

Open your hearts to ministry and you will be filled beyond overflowing. God is faithful, every single time. Trust Him and be filled up. You only have to take one step and He will meet you there.

It is never too late to be who you might have been — becoming a developer at age 36

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