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Source: Dictionary of Canadian Biography, vol. The letterbook acquired from George Laidler was transferred with the consent of members of the family of the late Col. Otherwise, the custodial history is unknown.


Part of the fonds was acquired from Mrs. Jones prior to A photograph of a portrait of Jones held elsewhere and a letterbook containing holograph copies made by Eliza Jones of letters from Peter Jones to Eliza Jones were acquired from George Laidler. A portrait of Peter Jones was acquired in In the Library purchased additional correspondence of Peter Jones, two miniature oil portraits of Peter Jones and Eliza Field, and a watercolour painting of the Credit Mission. The material held in Box 8 was acquired from Victoria University Archives in The letter in Box 3 File 11 was purchased by the Library in Part of the material is available on microfilm which researchers are requested to use unless an inquiry can be satisfied only by consulting original documents.

For further information contact the Chief Librarian. See file list. The following resources are from Early Canadiana Online :.

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Sermon and Speeches of the Rev. Ojibue nvgvmouinvn. History of the Ojebway Indians: with especial reference to their conversion to Christianity by Peter Jones. Case in by John Carroll. Young Egerton Ryerson. Indian treaties and surrenders, from to The following resources are from University of Toronto Libraries :. Nineteenth Century Masterfile The 19th Century Masterfile is an accumulation of various indexes to printed materials from the nineteenth century.

It includes numerous citations to works by and translated by Peter Jones.

Translated by Peter Jones Peter Jones page on Wikipedia. James Evans. Skip to main content. Peter Jones Fonds number: Title: Peter Jones. Dates of Material: — Introduction to the Collection.

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Accessing the Collection. There are two ways to access the collection: University of Toronto Catalogue : Contains published items by and about Jones held in the entire University of Toronto Libraries, including items in the collections at Victoria University Library.

Biographical sketch. Custodial history. Scope and content.

Title based on contents of the fonds. The fonds is stored in 8 boxes. Immediate source of acquisition. The Peter Jones mezzotint Language of material. DonaldSmith hasmadean importantcontribution by comingto gripswithbothof these issues andrevealing somuch. It seems thathehasleftnostone unturnedinhis effortto bringto light all of the availableinformationaboutJones. Every connection ismadeandeverypossible perspective isbroughttobearonthe subject. Smith writes extensively andsympathetically aboutJones's Mississauga background. The Indiansideofhisheritageiscertainly notunderestimated.

Clearly Joneswasan interestingand complexpersonality who playedan important rolein thehistory of racerelations. Yettheproblem of Indianbiography remains. Bytheendof thisbookwe havea great deal of informationaboutJonesand someinsightinto his significance, but we do not reallyknowwhat madehim tick. Whydid hechoose Christianity overIndianreligion? Wasit because, in spiteof hisboyhood, hewasmorea white manthananIndian?

Didit relateinanywaytothefactthatasaboyhe hadneverhada successful vision questand sohad no guardian spirit? Conversion toChristianity isafundamental experience foranymissionary and there was usually moregoing onwithintheindividual thanJohnWesley's code REVIEWS words of being'bornagainof the spirit'wouldindicate. At the endof the section inSacred Feathers aboutJones's conversion, weareleftwithanumber of questions.

Autobiographical Works Written by Native Americans | SpringerLink

Itmay well be,ofcourse, thatmany ofthem areunanswerable. Analysing thespiritual experience of a missionary wholeft a tonof writtenrecords is difficult enough. Whentherecord isthin,theproblem iscompounded. Peter Jones Wesleyan Missionary which was assembled byhiswifeafter his deathand published by the Methodist church.

As missionary hagiography produced fortheedification ofbelievers, itishardly likely tobeprobing. Indeed,thisparticular example isindicative of another moregeneralissue. Because of the relativelack of direct evidence, this biography oftencomes atJones from anoblique angle. The views thatother people hadofJones playalargepartinputtingthestory together and,when the information onhimisthin,thesupporting actors takecentre stage andthe surrounding scene becomes moredetailed. At thesepointsin thebookthe prose tends tobecome wooden.

All ofwhich furtherdistances thereader from themainprotagonist. Donald Smith places muchemphasis onJones's Indianheritage.

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In doing so heplays downtheimportance of hisEuropean background andconsequently thedegree towhichhewasabiculturalperson in atransitional age. Certainly this pointisnotignored.

WearetoldthatJones's acceptance asaleaderamong the Mississaugas was'based solely onhisknowledge oftheEuropeans andtheir customs' And the anguishcausedby the prejudiced reactionof many people tohismarriage totheEnglish woman, ElizaField,ismadeplainenough. Yetthe author could have made more of the fact that, both within himself and inhiscareer, Joneswasmediating between twocultures.

Forinthishewas not unique.