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The sausage skin is made with algae. Moving Mountains adds vitamin B12 to the meat-free banger so that it can best compete with an animal-based sausage.

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The vitamin is found in meat but it typically does not end up there naturally. B12 is added to the feed given to factory-farmed animals because modern farming does not allow animals to ingest it themselves from the soil. The Moving Mountains Banger has no cholesterol, antibiotics, or hormones.

It delivers 18 grams of protein per grams of vegan meat, which is around the same as pork sausage. The Moving Mountains Banger follows the launch of its vegan burger patty and hotdog. The workshop will end with intention setting and relaxing meditation. Register Now Understanding the Self Sunday October 27th-November 10th pmpm Join Sue Silver, energy healer, kriya yoga practitioner and published poet for a deeper understanding of your energetic body and meditation.

This workshop is designed as a three week series. New to yoga or want to learn a few basics before trying a class? The Beginners Workshop is designed to give you the tools to feel confident practicing yoga at home or in a class.

We tried the Moving Mountains ‘bleeding’ B12 vegan burger

Begin your day in gratitude with a Thanksgivng Day donation class lead by Whitney. Class is for donation and all proceeds will benefit Moving Mountains Organization. We thank you for supporting your self care with Moving Mountains Yoga, in return supporting yoga for your community. Mildred Street, Ranson, WV Schedule Contact. What is Yoga? Gentle Vinyasa syncs movement and breath at a more gentle pace. Find Your Balance Schedule. Register Now.

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How do you deal with individuals or groups at different motivation levels that vary in different ways? My biggest motivation challenge has been to reinvent HP in a way that celebrates its great history as a company while moving it forward. Doing that has required me to help people first to confront reality, then to set high aspirations, and finally to march pragmatically from reality to aspiration. Honest confrontation is tough. I remember my first meeting with of our senior leaders, when we underwent this very realistic self-appraisal about our customers, our competitive situation, and our performance.

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So on the white board, I wrote down comments these managers had themselves made two years earlier about the company, including the comment that HP was too slow and indecisive. I also wrote down things customers had said about us, both good and bad. When confronted with the inescapable facts of what they had said about themselves and what customers had told us, managers accepted the truth. Once you have the truth, people need aspirational goals.

To cross that uncomfortable gap between the truth and the goal, you must set very achievable, step-by-step measures. All these things—honest self-assessment, setting goals, and marching toward them—form a constant process, and they are also what make managing fun.

Recently, my design group met a huge challenge—one that ended up inspiring the whole company. The new modern-art museum here in Munich—the Pinakothek der Moderne, which opened in September—invited BMW to put something on permanent display in time for the opening. So I nixed the idea—we were too busy designing cars. Our communications director begged me to reconsider, so I went to look at the museum space. Suddenly, I got excited by the idea of doing something truly grand.

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But to do it, I had to sell our board on the crazy idea of doing an enormously expensive, distracting design project that would bring in no revenue. They approved, and we went to work. And work we did, with the kind of intensity and passion that comes with the knowledge that one is achieving something rare and marvelous. You are a Medici.

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He entered my American History class in the second semester of his junior year as a special-education student. He had difficulty writing in English or Spanish and a history of frequent altercations at school. Though he had trouble writing, he could speak cogently about concepts; our goal was to help him get his thoughts on paper. He loved music, and the poetry of rapper Tupac Shakur intrigued him, so we tied his interest in rap music into our studies of the American Civil Rights movement. At every mention of the lyrics of contemporary music in the lesson, his ears perked up.

In an exam one day, I asked students to explain one branch of government as laid out in the Constitution. They knew what he had overcome.

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One of my biggest challenges was motivating myself to go into business in the first place. I started out in life thinking I was going to be a poet.

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I studied English in college but then found myself in Vietnam. By the time I got out of the Marine Corps, the only things I knew how to do were write poetry and conduct night combat patrols.

At the time—this was 35 years ago—my wife and I disapproved of what we saw as the power and greed that often attend big business. So I went to work in a commercial bank. When I first got to Mattel, the company was in transition. In addition to spending major face time with all the senior managers, I spent hours and hours describing to all our employees and other stakeholders where we were going and how we were going to get there.

I traveled and met with people, of course, but I also set up a program of regular e-mail updates, invited two-way communication, and responded personally to employee messages. My experience during the Iditarod is a good example. Back then, the trail was poorly marked, and I was a young musher. At one point, we got completely lost; I must have turned the team around 25 times over many hours looking for the trail.