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Take a look at their website here. Bowling at the All Star Lanes is one of the most popular and best-loved fun dates you can have in London. With its retro decor, photo booths, snazzy American artwork, and old-school lighting, this is the perfect place to break the ice. Always good fun and impossible not to have a good time.

52 First Dates: Boxed Set - Books 1 - 3 by A. Lusch

The co-founder of The Cauldron is the renowned mixologist, David Duckworth, who is also responsible for the dazzling concoctions found at The Bletchley and ABQ mentioned in our list. What separates this cocktail bar from others around London is not only its curious ingredients but the rustic decor and eerily ambiguous atmosphere. The entire evening is separated between meals and performances and everything is planned to perfection. The Distillery is four stories high of gin, including a micro hotel, a litre gin distillery tank and three gin bars.

As we all know, Borough Market boasts an incredible selection of food, and picking your own basket is part of the fun. All you need to do is find a quiet place for you to set up and enjoy your spoils. This is a simple, yet cute idea for a date in London. This is a very popular place, so book in while you can.

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The night begins with biodynamic wine and a glorious main course curated by The Culpeper Kitchen. The house also hosts special events throughout the year, from performance poetry to family fun days. London has several riversides and lakes scattered throughout the city and a few businesses have set up boating and lido activities for romantic dates.

The 52 date nights she’s never been on

Campfire cocktails in the city is a pretty romantic idea for a date, I think. They also delight in an exceptional menu — primarily locally sourced street food from Farm Street Kitchen. This is a cute date idea in London that has everything. Cosying up under the stars in front of one of your favourite performances is definitely a contender for a great cute date in London.

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You also have a choice between snowboarding or skiing. Yes, you can now pay to climb the O2 arena, supervised by climbing experts. At the end of your metre climb, you can reward yourself with a glass of champagne and a glorious view over the city. Another active date in London to tick off the list is ping pong at Bounce.

Bounce offers a combination of drinks, food and, obviously, ping pong. This is a date sure to break the ice and add a bit of competitiveness to your evening.

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Definitely a strong contender for one of the craziest first dates in London. At some point, everyone in London has come across a Boris Bike. I suggest cycling to a few of your preferred tourist attractions the London Eye, Big Ben, museums, art galleries etc or even a smooth cycle across the South Bank. Offering some of the fastest speedboat trips across the River Thames, TRE operates from several docking points across the Thames and each trip includes a tour of the most famous and historic London sites.

You will have your own tour guide who will give an in-depth background on each of the sites. You and your date can choose from a range of tours found here , and you even have the choice to hire out the helicopter privately. Definitely one of the headlining dates in London, this is surely one for the thrill-seekers. There are many fantastic places to take your date ice-skating during Christmas, but I personally love the ice-skating rink at the Natural History Museum.

Everything from the incredible lighting to the beautiful Christmas tree glistening in the centre, it boasts one of the brightest and best-decorated ice rinks in London. If you and your date fancy yourselves as adventurous types, then kayaking down the Thames is definitely something you should consider. Kayaking London is one of the most popular urban kayaking companies and caters for beginners all the way up to experts.

Located in East Dulwich, the House of Dreams is arguably the most lucid and eccentric art exhibitions in London. Designed by the infamous Stephen Wright, the House of Dreams merges everything from kitschy mosaics to rooms filled with pen lids and weird and wonderful quotations picked up by Stephen over the years. The House of Dreams is only open a few days a year, so book in while you can! Arguably the quirkiest place to take a date in London. Along the way, you will encounter hidden bars and even a talking taxidermy.

Once you find the illustrious cinema room, you and your date will be able to sit down and relax with mulled wine, cider, popcorn and hot chocolate in front of some classic Christmas films. The main attraction, however, is the Orient Express-esq carriage that lies right in the middle of the bar. This is one of the most unique date ideas in London, so book up your place here.

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  7. Like champagne at the click of a button? This is a romantic and lively date idea in London and the architecture and interior design is utterly breathtaking. This is a date filled with immersive roleplay and stories of the underworld. After your meal, the resident Chef Robert becomes a DJ, playing the best-loved jazz and soul hits throughout history.

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    From the same company that brought you The Bletchley Codebreaking den, the Breaking Bad Cocktail RV offers a chance to test the chemistry with your date by making some inventive cocktails. There are only a few dates for this event, so book yourself in fast. Everything from the bar stools to the glasses are made from ice. The perfect date is different for everyone. Hopefully, our list has provided some guidance and helped you pick an appropriate idea for you and your date to experience.

    Rachel Vida MacLynn is reputed as being a world-leading matchmaking and dating expert. Registered as a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, Rachel advocates a professional matchmaking approach based on psychological principles and professional consultation.

    Rachel also sits on the Board of Advisors for the Matchmaking Institute. More by this author. Please insert the invite code given to you by a Vida consultant or Vida member in order to start your journey. Skip to content. A picnic with tea candles seriously this is unforgettable. This amazing mod of the traditional picnic is actually really doable. Then bribe a mate to set up the picnic and light them for you it may have to be a big bribe since this can take a while… This way when you arrive the mood is set and the romance is hot.

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    Grab sparklers, to make it WOW, and bind them together tightly with wire. Bend the metal prongs out to make a stand and poke one in the top to light it. Then bust out a lighter and step a long way back. You can add some romance by trying sparkler writing. This date idea is epic for an anniversary, or birthday, which you want to make super special.

    Just set a budget buy the next ticket you can afford at ticket counter. Adventure awaits! Drenching each other in an all out chaos style water war. If you really want to get competitive add different colored food dye to each water pistol and where white shirts. This is one of those head turning moments that get the butterflies going and make you look like a total boss.

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    You casually decide to follow them where she realises YOU set this whole thing up. Also try these clues or make it a treasure hunt. You literally get escorted to your table, order, and eat your meal all without seeing anything. It generates heaps of conversation. As for blindfold sex you may as well keep the role play going at home ;. You can do anything from stick figures to fancy sketching since the goal is to have fun and be romantic not be a pro artist.

    Instead find all the physical challenge games or fun old-school arcade action like Pac-Man. These are a great way to laugh at yourselves, joke around and cash in your tickets for terrible tasting kids lollies at the end. Perfect date night! Rather get out the front door and use Google Places or Zomato to find somewhere that seams cool. Coffee and maybe cake… are pretty cheap and the new places give you heaps to talk about.

    Spend the night finding the worst photos of you both chewing food, caught of guard, or those amazing highschool photos…. Then jump onto Vistaprint and let your creativity run wild. Make whatever totally terrible stuff you like and then look forward to your corny attire arriving in the post ready for your next ridiculous date night. Ok you guessed it — I love art home dates! Grab an old book from a 2nd hand seller and cut the pages out.

    Then use spray glue to stick them all over your fridge. At this point you can either paint clear sealer over it or bust out the brushes and get your inner artist on. Go you hipster! This triple date is a simple treasure hunt you plan together. Choose a quiet location like a park.