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What did he do then? How was that for you? Was else was different about that time? If he were here, what else might he say about that time? Reinforce Nonverbally : Lean forward, raise eyebrows, and take notes.

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Do what you naturally do when someone tells you something important. Verbally : Show interest.

Was this new for you and him? Did it surprise you that this happened? And compliment. Was it difficult? Explore how the exception happened What do you suppose you did to make that happen?

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If your husband were here and I asked him, what do you suppose he would say you did that helped him to tell you more about his day? That seems to make a lot of sense. Have you always been able to come up with ideas about what to do in difficult situations like this? Project exceptions into the future On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 means every chance, what are the chances that a time like that the exception will happen again in the next week or month? What will it take for that to happen more often in the future?

Who has to do what to make it happen again? What do you think your husband would say the chances are that this the exception will happen again? What would he say you could do to increase the chances of that happening again? Suppose you decide to do that; what do you think he would do Suppose he did that; how would things be different for you…around your house…in your relationship with him? Think about the things you do in a problem situation. Even changing the order in which you do things can make a difference.

Then recall a time that things did not go well for you. What part of that problem situation do you choose to do differently now? Think of something that someone else does that makes the problem better; try doing what that person does the next time the problem comes up. You can also think of something that you have done in the past that helped make things go better; what was that, and can you do it next time?

Tune into your feelings; they may be indicating to you that you need to do something. Because emotions are great advisors giving information and options but poor masters who give commands , you want to respect that they have information for you, but allow your brain to determine how you respond to that information.

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What does the feeling suggest that you might do to help things go better? Does that suggestion agree with what your brain says would help? Change what you focus on. What you pay attention to will become bigger in your life and you will notice it more and more. Thus, to solve a problem, try changing your perspective. Think of something you are focusing on too much. What gets you into trouble when you focus on it?

Think of something you will focus on instead. What will you focus on that will not get you into trouble Imagine a future time with the current problem gone. Work backwards to figure out what you could do now to make that future happen. What will be different in future when things are going better? What one thing will you do differently now? Change your story.

Talk about times when the problem was not happening and what you were doing at that those times. Control what you can control.

Solution-focused Techniques in Counselling

Think of a time when you did not have the current problem. Talk about that. Focus on God, asking that power to help you do what you need to do. Tell how you will get help from God to make things go better. Focused this way, things often do go better! Use action talk to get things to go better; it sticks to the facts, talking only about what you can see, not what you believe another person might be thinking or feeling.

Make complaints talking about actions that you do not like not people. Make requests naming actions you would like to see another person do, specifically.

Offer praise or a compliment talking about what action you liked. Scaling Questions Scaling questions invite clients to perceive their problem on a continuum. Takes us on a transformational journey, and asks the question you cannot afford not to ask! A host of simple self-help exercised documented through case studies. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Crown House Publishing, Condition: New. Seller Inventory SKU More information about this seller Contact this seller. Condition: Brand New. Seller Inventory A Seller Inventory NEW Linda Metcalf.