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When Jesus left this earth, He sent the Comforter — the Holy Spirit — and Hedwells in the hearts of individual believers today by the indwelling Holy Spirit 1Corinthians Today, the whole body of believers forms the true Church, thehabitation of God in this age — Ephesians , Exodus with Matthew Godwas showing him into the heavenlies, and telling him exactly how the pattern of theTabernacle should be built.

This is the experience of every believer who gives God a chance to reveal Christas a pattern for his life. A study of the Tabernacle 21 Financing The most precious of metals, jewels and finest of raw materials were used. Forinstance, it would take — 2, pounds of gold; 8, pounds of silver, and 8,pounds of brass, and this is not counting the hard word, fabrics, skins, oil, dyes, andprecious stones.

It is estimated that the Tabernacle would cost well over two million dollars —without counting the labor. Gold 7.

Exo 25; 40; Christ in the Tabernacle by Don Smith

Fine linen Spices for anointing oil2. Silver 8.

Goat hair and incense3. Brass 9. Badger skins Onyx stones 4. Blue linen Rams skins, dyed red Precious stones for5. Purple linen Acacia wood breastplate of High Priest6. Scarlet linen Here is an excellent example of how God desires that provisions be made forperforming His work — an offering from His people! Therefore, an offering was taken tobuild this Tabernacle that would cost approximately a hundred million dollars today.

Therefore God literally asked these traveling people for the shoes off their feet — that they gave willingly — until God had to restrain them! The, God caused their shoes to last forty years Deuteronomy ! The procedure to be followed was very simple. Every man was to give willinglywith his heart Exodus From the offering for the Tabernacle until this day theproper attitude and motive of giving to God has been the same — 2 Corinthians Where did the Israelites get all of these provisions?

They spoiled theEgyptians — [took payment]. No9 building is erected without plans, therefore, an architect must be securedwho drafts the plans and, then from his fertile brain comes forth the structure in everydetail. It is inconceivable that God — Who is orderly, systematic, and thorough in everydetail of whatever He does — would neglect this most important detail.

Nothing could have beendone without them. Everyone did their par, they all worked together, with the result that theTabernacle was finished in nine months — according to Exodus The second chapter of Numbers gives the locations of the tribes: They tribe of Judah was on the East, directly in front of the gate. Christ was tocome from this tribe.

On eh east also were the tribes of Issachar and Zebulon.

A Virtual Reality Tour of the Biblical Tabernacle

On theSouth were the tribes of Reuben, Simeon and Gad. On the West were the tribes ofEphraim, Manasseh and Benjamin. On the North were the tribes of Dan, Asher and. A study of the Tabernacle 24 Nephtali Between the tribes and the Tabernacle wee the tents of Moses, Aaron and thepriests on the East, then the 3rd chapter of Numbers gives the locations of the Levites sons of Levi — Gershon, Kohath and Merari. The Gershonites lived on the West of theTabernacle and had charge of the curtains, coverings, veils and the hangings of thecourt, according to verses The Kohathites, on the South, had charge of all thefurniture, according to verses The Merarites, on the North, had charge of theheavy framework, such as the pillars, bars, sockets and pins, according to verses I now invite you to enter with me into a detailed study concerning the meaningand the typical teachings of all the various parts — their construction — and — theirarrangement.

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Every part, and detail, of this Tabernacle is designed and patterned topresent Jesus Christ! Its structure, materials, furniture, as well, as the ministry in the Tabernacle,reveals some particular aspect of the infinite graces, virtues, attributes, personality andwork of our Savior, Jesus Christ — See Hebrew As we survey the furnishings of the Tabernacle, we see that they are arranged inthe form of a cross.

If we draw a straight line from the Brazen Altar, near the gate, to the. A study of the Tabernacle 25Ark of the covenant, in the Holy of Holies, bisecting the Altar of Incense, and then drawa line at right angles to this line from the Table of Shewbread to the Candlestick, we seethe form a perfect figure of a cross.

The Spiritual Significance of the Tabernacle

The Tabernacle, and its furnishings, speaks of one thing, namely, the salvationprovided by Jesus Christ and the work of Christ performed for us upon the cross ofCalvary. Almighty God designed every detail — every part had a prophetic, redemptive,and typical significance.

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No portion of Scripture is richer in meaning or more perfect init teaching of the plan of redemption then the description of this divinely designedbuilding — the Tabernacle! The blueprint, the pattern, the plan, the design and all of its specification wereminutely made in Heaven, and were committed unto Moses on Mount Sinai for thechildren of Israel shortly after their deliverance from Egypt.

Because every detail had a heavenly significance andwas a type of Christ — See Hebrews 9. A study of the Tabernacle 27 Jesus Christ is the perfect, eternal, dwelling place of God. It was after the patternof the Lord Jesus that every part and detail of the Tabernacle was designed. The Tabernacle was enclosed by a wall, or hanging of fine twined linen — 75 feetwide and feet long. Christ was theHeavenly One, veiled in flesh, living among men John , 14, 18; 1 Timothy The Pillars of the Gate There were four pillars of the gate to uphold, that which represented Christ Jesus— as the Door, the Way to God — and there are four Gospels setting forth Christ in Hisfour-fold character.

These hangings created a curtain-wall around a courtyard, feet by 75 feet, and were made of made of fine twined linen hung on pillars of brass, that were set in sockets of brass. The hooks at the top of the pillars were made of silver, from thee hooks the white linen hangings were fastened. There was absolutely no way to enter the courtyard except through the gate! These linen hangings were a type of the righteousness of Christ and speak of His sinless, spotless, life Revelation A study of the Tabernacle 29to see over.

Naturalman is blind to the things of God. Judgment falls upon sinners however Jesus Christbore our judgment for sin — as we will see in the Brazen Altar. As the while linen hangings, reminding us of the righteousness of Christ, wereheld up by the brazen pillars, so, apart from Calvary —- where sin was judged —- therecan be no righteousness for man. Thepillars were ornamented with silver. TheIsraelite looked up to the beautiful tops of the pillars surrounding the courtyard andsaw what would have reminded him of the atonement money.

We look up unto Jesusand see the costly price as a ransom for our souls 1 Peter What a sight it must have been. It must have been impressive to beholdthose pillars of brass, the white linen hangings fastened to hooks of silver, and theornamental silver crowns on top of those pillars — all glistening in the sunlight! A study of the Tabernacle 30the Brazen Altar.

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It was here close to the entrance of the Tabernacle courtyard. Atthis alter the animals were slaughtered and their blood put on the horns of the altar. Nodoubt millions of animals were sacrificed over the centuries. Why were all theseanimals killed? Would it not have been better to give the food to the poor?


Without understanding the spiritual significance and prophetic meaning of theBrazen Altar all this slaughtering of animals seems like a vast waste. It was made of acaciawood and covered with brass. God was very particular with this altar, just as He waswith every detail of the Tabernacle. For instance, the high priestwould go into the Holy of Holies only once a year to make atonement, other priestswould go into the Holy Place each morning and evening, but at the Brazen Altar peoplecame anytime throughout the day to offer their sacrifices.

But the penalty for sin is awesome — requiringthe shedding of blood! However, sacrifice has always been the only way to God, andshould be prominent in the preaching and teaching of the Gospel message. There is no forgiveness of sin apart fromsacrifice. We must never forget that! A gospel without the sacrifice made at the cross is nogospel at all. These brass-covered boards formed a hollow box open at the top and the bottom. This Brazen Altar. It was subjected to the intense hear of continual sacrifices, however, it was not consumed because, of the fact, that it was protected in brass.

The Brazen Altar was completely square, offering equal opportunity to all. Godis no respecter of persons.

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At each corner of the altar there was a horn, or projection, that was to be onepiece with the altar Exodus , in order that the innocent victim could be bound Psalm It was also to these same horns of the Brazen Altar that God provided ameans that the guilty person, fearing for his life, could flee for refuse 1 Kings and 2 Samuel And thou shalt kill the bullock before the LORD, by the door of the tabernacle of the congregation. And thou shalt take of the blood of the bullock, and put it upon the horns of the altar with thy finger, and pour all the blood beside the bottom of the altar.