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To me that is the best part of the entire song. I think that wishing for something that is foolish to wish for and then looking back and feeling weak is an universal feeling.

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What a great song. General Comment The song was first thought of by Paul Simon on a cold rainy night on Widnes railway station near Liverpool England, part way through a tour.

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As other comments brilliant lyrics for 2 guys starting out without the trappings of riches roadies and Rolls Royces If only they knew what was to follow. At this time in England they also wrote Scarborough Fayre from an old English folk song..

Beautiful and haunting try to listen to it! The home they long for is more of a respite from a rambling life, not simply a house. General Comment after wishing to get away for so long you finally realize all you want is to be back to a familiar place. The percussion really ruins the studio version of this song. Worth getting hold of.

Shades Of Mediocrity

The percussion is a bit harsh, I'll agree. To me though it reminds me of the clacking of a train on its rails. Maybe an intentional effect in the song?

Paul Simon & George Harrison - Homeward Bound

Flag byteskat on January 05, General Comment I take this song to be about making a living out of something you enjoy doing but after so long it all becomes tedious. The repetition of "home" acentuates that he feels so strongly of being in his place of comfort when he feels confused and tired. I love this song. It defines monotony and reminds me to do something with my day.

Very talented musicians.

They know how to write about more than love and death. Their voices worked so well together, just like it was Art Garfunkel at Simon's side. General Comment ive heard this is about paul simon wanting to be back in america when he was at a train station in england touring??

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Young M. A is another rap upstart, but is second to Kodak Black in the hip hop genre.

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The pop-rock artist, whose songs have been anthems for the excluded and whose image intentionally contradicts normative representations of femininity, was awarded the unique honor by Ellen DeGeneres. Her speech focused on a conversation P! The Video Vanguard award is reserved for major game-changers in the music industry, and P!

Her phenomenal speech was merely an extension of her inspiring dedication to self-love and inclusivity.

The Unbearable Mediocrity of Being White

These artists compellingly combined great tracks with powerful imagery to produce videos that encourage viewers to push back against the injustices that surround us. The perfect pop video must include a mix of unique storytelling, difficult choreography and a connection to the song itself. Lamar dominated with the release of DAMN. This is perhaps indicative of a shift in what we perceive as rock music, or at least what the VMAs want us to perceive as rock.

Suffused with religious imagery, the video is potent without being heavy-handed; its striking camera angles and compelling composition are works of art all on their own.