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The rest is water. To design a mascara is to create a makeup that colors, elongates, thickens or even curls the eyelashes — or all these things at once.

The paradox is in formulating a smooth, fluid substance that will transform into a solid once on the eyelash. Add to this composition pigments ranging from black to brown to blue, green or purple. The product must cohesively apply the color to the eyelash, without variation. Several different waxes are added to the mixture, as well as a small amount of oil, water and a wetting agent. Thickeners are also added for texture.

Blind people survice fulfilling lives without sight, 2. The whole idea of THE most important invention is daft in itself. How can one measure relative importnaace between say transistors and railways? Without doubt the most amazing development in the last years.

Not only does it now allow us move around the globe without parameters, but from the very first basic engine to the development of neculear fusion, the controlled combustion of fuel will continue to drive us forwards, not only on our planet, but into space and beyond.

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The snippet above is not quite right. Nearly all of the items noted can be easily more reliably and just a compactly be built using thermionic valves. Indeed the Russians until very recently and probably still as far as I know use them for their, far more reliable, space progam. Without the thermionic valve none of todays modern gadgets would have been invented. Most TVs still have one very big thermionic valve for producing the picture.


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The first computers were built using thermionic valves. I am listening to your program on a radio which uses thermionic valves and sounds better than everything but the most expensive radios - yes it sounds better than DAB! The thermionic valve is one of the heroes of the twentieth centuary. Technology as we know it is owed to the valve. The valve is a British invention. We should be proud of the radio valve! Manocia Shatwell Electricity is my nomination. I was born in the foothills of th Himalayas and we did not have electricity till I was I can remember the day that we were connected and what a differnce it made to all our lives.

I cannot imagine the world without electricity. Tim Kirk, York The Bicycle The Wright brothers were bicycle engineers before aeronautical engineers and so many development in transport have come from the forced limitations of making something that can be propelled by the human body. Kypros Pilakoutas Concrete!

The most widely used engineering material. The industrial world depends on it. Mark Hagger, Aberdeenshire the bicucle has transformed physical communication, with minimal damage to the planet, is cheap and accessable, simple to ride and maintain, avaialble irrespective of class, race and creed, and will enable us to survive once planes and cars are no longer available.

Stephen Roesner, Plymouth I would like to nominate the one thing that has set 'us' apart from all other living things, and has enabled all the progress since - speach. Technology would be unable to proceed without the ability to pass on a thought, icon, idea.

Triumphs of Invention and Discovery in Art and Science

One wonders how the application of thought would have proceeded without the transmission of ideas, especially after the original thinker's demise Turin's Computer, Eddison's and Rutherford's ideas on Electricity, Sinclair and the Transistor, Clark's Satellites, Roentgen's x-rays Even long-ended ideas can be resurrected Green Earth idea, long used until the Industrial Revolution and others reassessed. As Asimov said - most discoveries have started not by Eureka but - 'Thats funny Electricity in DC form was known as early as Franklin's kite experiments and perhaps earlier but it was the invention of AC by Tesla which made the modern electronic revolution possible.

Richard, Stockport My nomination is for the bicycle. It is practically free to use unlike every other form of transport except walking , almost entirely non-polluting unlike most powered modes of transport and is seemingly the most efficient use of human energy yet invented thereby ensuring a good level of health and fitness. Because of the bicycle I am able to save vast sums of money through not driving a car, I arrive at work bright and awake making me a more efficient worker , having taken less time than if I had driven and sat in polluting queues, and have had no need for over 5 years of any of the wonderful medical advances that others have nominated.

The bicycle goes a long way to making the internal combustion engine in its most common form redundent and vastly reduces the need for such things as antiseptics. Above all, the bicycle is a significant technological advance of the past years that will not leave a negative legacy for the next years and beyond. Robin Worsman The technology that gives us purified water- we would all be far too sick to do anything about invention if we didnt have that- it's no single gizmo,just as electricity generation can be achieved in a number of ways, but we need Technology to deliver the volume we use to every where we expect it.

Because most of us have it, we don't notice it. The millions that don't would certainly welcome safe water above all other inventions. Johannes Kiessling, Germany Of course on the base of electricity and a number of other inventions it is the computer and it's ever growing periphery which allows us to progress at all. Without it we would have got stuck at whatever level had been reached.

Eventually it might be the computer which will allow all knowledgeto be coordinated which is completely beyond our otherwise fairly competent brain power. Andrew Coles - Harrogate Electricity. Without it there would be no computers, transistors, internet, jet engines, televisions, radio, high speed travel, etc. It is the fundamental upon which all the other great inventions depend.


Imagine life without it! Hamish Blair, Kenilworth, Warwickshire Electricity distribution - we take it for granted that we can plug so many different appliances into the wall, and they come alive! Consider how life is, where you cannot depend on 24x7 power. Coles Surrey Electricity is my nomination. Everything would stop without it. Gremont There is no single technological breakthrough. Naming one would be a dis-service to all others. Technology is everywhere. I would nominate the application of the scientific method with the view of improving our lives and satisfy our curiosity.

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This has resulted in the continuous improvement of our standard of living and also has helped answer some of the key scientific questions about our place in the Universe. This has also had a significant impact on the morality, religious beliefs, political opinions etc that form the backbone of the age of today.

Technology and science are the unsung heros for the success of the human specy. Jon Catling, Edinburgh It is still the bicycle; technology tends to have as many downsides as it does advances - may it learn to apply itself more wisely - the bicycle continues to support the human race as the most practical form of personal transport and an enhancer of human condition. I am currently working on making cycling a more comfortable and safer for your nether regions? David, Luton Bicycle. Cheap transportation, allowing the average person to travel 3 or 4 times further than walking.

Helped to integrate communitys and so spread knowledge. Mike Ashford, Derbyshire The thermionic valve. It made electronics possible and that generated the creative ideas that generated all the electronics we have today and in the future. Ron Stewart The Bicycle, which provides a cheap effective and pollution free mode of transport requiring minimal infrastructure, also useful for providing healthy activity in the leisure, recreational and sporting field.

Many of the various technologies we see today are created by the steady accumulation of minor changes to existing technologies or the combination of a range of technologies hitherto separately used. So for example the steam train would not have been developed without the invention of the steam engine which would not itself have been sufficiently efficient without various changes to that first rather crude engine used to pump water out of Cornish Tin Mines.

It is rare therefore to find that single discovery, invention or leap of imagination which changes the course of technology. Of the many technologies developed during the last years such as the spinning jenny, the steam engine, telecommunications, radio, machine tools, the chemical industry, the aeroplane, motor cars, computers can all be considered as major technologies without which we would not be in our current postion.

To single one out I think it has to be electricity because I cannot think of many other processes that we are now so dependent upon and the absence of which would send us back to the 'dark' ages in more ways than one. Margaret Bonham Chemical engineering - not a single invention, but the development of the ability to synthesise molecules to produce materials, pharmaceuticals etc. Without synthetic materials we would not be able to make use of many inventions let alone have cheap versions in our homes.

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Alastair Clark - Wirksworth, Derbys For me the safety bicyle by Joseph Starley represents a most remarkable invention, effectively allowing human muscles to propel a human body at up to 12 times faster than it could before. A clear winner! Celia Charnley - Leeds The washing machine has liberated me.

But I worry about ecological damage. Paul, Scotland When you get to the heart of it - power. I think now we need to push for a sustainable source. Richard Lennox, Peterborough Surely the most important technological invention would be one which facilitated one of the three essentials of life food, clothing and shelter.