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Alvarez embeds the picture of Washing a Dish in an abstract ground of vigorous strokes and lines. The haloed red nude in her Looking at You is circled by eyes just as a woman walking in the street is. While a firm awareness of the daily dangers besetting women unifies these artists, it is not accompanied by hatred or despair.

One piece particularly struggles with how to resolve social constraints: Ella va, a large color drawing by Nereyda Garcia-Ferraz, roughly translated as "She Goes. Four schematized houses with fluttering ladders hover above a grounded airplane. Which way does "she" go?

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Despite their diversity, a communal sensibility emerges from the work of these 22 individuals. Pardon my mysticism, but it's a spirit epitomized in the ancient deity Coatlicue whose image is used once in a work by Barraza -- not just the earth goddess but arbiter of life and death. Some of the most triumphant work in this show plays upon the ultimate unpleasant reality, death. Mortality arises again and again as a primary theme.

Juana Alicia's La ponkalvera guera roughly: "The Punk Skeleton Blond" careens at you on skateboard, tresses flying and sequins shining. Dolores Guerrero Cruz creates a bride who is just dress and bones.

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Liliana Duran composes a massive crucifixion of uncertain iconography. All three of Barbara Carrasco's superb pen drawings involve the dance of death. They are executed on clay-coated paper, as if their frames weren't evocative enough of coffins.

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The skull in Dia de los Muertes clamps a flawless rose in its teeth, and sports a four-foot braid live as hair ever is. A skeleton in lingerie lounges in Rest in Purgatory. Harry and I is the most chilling--a sleeping couple fondly entwined under covers, freshly turned to bone. These are not pessimistic images.

They inject a refreshing perspective on the vanities of cultural existence and on the durability of oppression, while looking forward to eternity. One watercolor most vividly expresses this transcendent fatalism: Despedida a las ilusiones, by Yreina D. The head of a pretty -- perhaps matronly -- woman almost fills the frame. Tigers, quetzals, and skeletons whirl in the background.

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Stenciled on her wrist is a long poem by the Texcoco king Nezahualcoyotl on the transitory nature of all things. One half of her face and a little finger decay.

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  • By Maya Dukmasova and Anjulie Rao By Brianna Wellen Art Feature. By Emily McTavish Black men are rarely afforded the luxury of being seen as nurturers and caregivers.

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    Floyd Theater Review. By Albert Williams Forget RuPaul and bachelorette parties: These queens bring protest politics to the stage.

    One is permanent, like a tree standing unmoved in the sunlight. God wants to take our life in time and make it like eternity.

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    Now we might think the best way for a human life to image eternity would be for it to be long, happy, and full of years. But eternity is not like living life for a long time. We may see and do other things in some kind of succession in heaven, but everything will be seen through that eternal moment of seeing him, which is the way he has always seen us. So what is the best likeness of eternity in time? Right now. What is present. What is here. What is real. God wants to use every moment, big or small, to show us eternity.

    We only really need to be concerned about this moment, right now. Maybe it would be hard to talk to him for a whole half-hour, or even five minutes. But what about right now? Waiting for Eternity. Waiting for Eternity By Br. Athanasius Murphy, O.