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How does architecture and urban planning manage to reunite the individual parts? Changing Berlin History.

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The Mitte Museum presents this exhibition by the Charlotte Wolff Kolleg as a contribution by young Berliners to the artistic exploration of the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, Guided Tour. Let us guide you through the founding centre of the Berlin electrical industry.

In the beginning, let us guide you through the founding centre of the Berlin electrical industry. Very special Christmas scenes await you this holiday season at the temporary! From Wednesday to Saturday in the weeks before Christmas, you can create your own prints featuring original Christmas card designs by Herbert Bayer in A3 poster format using a screen… Read more. Every river has a spring, every tree has a root Religion.

To connect heaven and earth, to come to the middle, to experience oneself as a body, a soulful body, in addition the meditations invite into movement and silence.

Listening to the presence of God widens the mind and enables new clarity. The Berlin Wall Memorial commemorates this period in history. The memorial includes the monument, completed in and designed out of a largely preserved section of the border fortifications… Read more. Once upon a time Grimm's fairy tales in the Glass Palace. Two actors, a well-known original text and a small stage - nothing more is needed for maximum theater happiness! Coding in the Library Family.

Open event for children from 8 years in the library's function room. To tinker on robots? Write your own computer program? Once a month, book lovers meet in a relaxed atmosphere to read, listen and exchange their opinions. The little dragon coconut Musicals.

Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza | David R. L. Litchfield

Accompany the popular dragon heroes "Coconut", the easter killer "Oskar", and the clever… Read more. Reading in the library Reading. At first they were three-year-olds, who introduced them to the fantastic world of books. Now the Lesestart project goes to the next round.

Wieviel Kröte steckt im Frosch? (Doku) - Reportage für Kinder - Anna und die wilden Tiere

Infinite widths Lecture. Experience the beginning of our universe The universe is very dynamic: stars live and die, galaxies are born, collide with others and merge - a constant becoming and passing away. Walking Tour. Discover and visit on this special evening tour, where culture and conviviality mix, the most famous traditional bars of Berlin. Course: Free improvisation with John Russell Workshop. Rather than say this is what the music is I try to open doors to allow the participants to discover more and develop their musicality together.

Edited By Susanne Popp, Jutta Schumann and Miriam Hannig

Location exploratorium berlin exploratorium berlin Time pm. U20 Poetry Slam Play. U20 Poetry Slam is play with language. Whether poetry, rap, freestyle, poetry or stories, everything is slam poetry when it is spoken and performed. Timber Tales by weberbrunner architekten is both an exhibition and a space for dialogue.

Three events bring together different wood actors who discuss properties and qualities, challenges and perspectives for the timber construction of the future. What has everyone lost, what has won for themselves? What do we have in common with the women who have built a new home… Read more.

Die Verqueerung der Welt Films. We do apologize that the following information is currently only available in German. Liebe in Zeiten des Kapitalismus Play. Love and capitalism are considered opposites: romantic-warm versus economic-cool. But the two are closely related. Love claims to affect everybody — everybody needs somebody to love — and is unique every time: only you.

Capitalism claims that if everybody was… Read more. Classical Music. Lecture Evening Viola classes Classical Music. With the flashlight to the Electoress Workshop. Mysterious discovery tour through the castle chambers for children aged 6 and over; separate guided tour for parents Read more. Beziehungskiste Play. A bed. And on it, under it, beside it and in it, many facets of human relationships take place. Funny, sad, touching, absurd - and in the end they all hang together. Political Cabaret. Der Zweck heiligt den Abend Political Cabaret.

Time again for the "Silent Night"? No problem! Our certified on-stage contemplatives organize Christmas for all: families, fringe groups and atheists. And they'll get you everything that is part of the festival these days: candlelight, vegan Christmas trees… Read more. Heart Chamber Opera.

  • Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research, Vol 2, No 3 (2001).
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She continues the centuries-old opera tradition of always prioritising the heart and its excitations. Two colorfully orchestrated orchestral suites and two piano concertos give rise to a wide range of expressions, proving the special… Read more. La romance de Paris - French Chansons of the 20s to 40s Concerts. The Berlin shellac duo takes you back with their brilliant interpretations to the subtle world of French salon music and dance balls.

Bread is already 51 years old. We have to celebrate this. Therefore, Ahne has written a whole program that is all about bread, but more so through the flower. How to go, "Bread by flower", many will ask, but only for so long, until they have seen this program… Read more. On St.

Nicholas Day, the interdisciplinary forum AnnyTime - the artists' playground of the concert pianist Anny Hwang - will take place once again in the warm atmosphere of the WABE. Anny Hwang will lead the audience charmingly through the evening in the midst… Read more.

Christmas Swing For Cecilie Concerts. After the great success of two Swing concerts with the Andreas-Hofschneider Quartet in the White Salon of Crown Princess Cecilie, this time an exclusive evening with Swing music and anecdotes will take place at Christmas time in the Marschall Hall of… Read more. Concert with Joongbae Jee Classical Music. In daring leaps and chains of associations, the passionate theater man Alfred Kirchner describes a theater life in which poetic and profane, private and political forms of symbioses are singular.

The intimate concert will take place in the historic premises of silent green. Alienation and people in search of individuality are some of the subjects that are dealt with in the lyrics of the singer-songwriter. Full of hope, young Elisabeth tries to make her fortune in times of unemployment and recession. To obtain the necessary money for her trade licence as a saleswoman, she plans to sell her corpse to the Anatomical Institute during her lifetime.

Following the successful premiere last year, the Lauscherlounge is now presenting the live radio play about one of Germany's most brutal serial killers in the auditorium of the ufaFabrik. Content: Berlin, , it is a stiflingly hot summer: A serial killer… Read more. Paul's Church. Puppet Theatre. Double evening with the fairy tale "Jorinde and Joringel" and a surprise piece.

Music and Literature in German Romanticism (Studies in German Literature Linguistics and Culture)

And there's a snack during the break. With nearly concerts each season, the Konzerthausorchester has been inspiring audiences in our concert hall on Gendarmenmarkt for over 60 years! Top Event.

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