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Though he did not reject business values completely as he liked to claim after his breakdown, he did give much more time to his creative writing hobby and was able to publish his first book, a novel Windy McPherson's Son, in Marching Men, his second novel, and the first book he published were considered by Anderson to be immature works of which he was never really proud.

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Often throughout Anderson's career, however, he would publish works that he knew were flawed and was thus often criticized by critics who were not able to separate his weaker works from the fine ones. Winesburg, Ohio has since been acclaimed a timeless classic with generational and universal themes, illustrating that even as Anderson wrote his first two novels he was also creating a quality text. Although Anderson was writing about Ohio small town life in Winesburg, Ohio, he was also commenting on urban America and the isolation of modern society the post-World War I generation was disillusioned by and would discuss in detail following Anderson's great work.

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Thus the stories intermingle small town and urban America in a truly universal way. Unlike the first novels he wrote, manuscripts show that Anderson spent a good amount of time editing and revising Winesburg, Ohio. He was heavily influenced by Gertrude Stein, whom he considered to be a "writer's writer", and tended to experiment with words in much of the same manner she was known for in her work, Tender Buttons.

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To him, Stein was a pioneer of literature who made him aware of the hollowness of conventional American language. Anderson diverges from a traditional use of syntax, form, rhythm, and plot mainly because of the lessons he learned from Stein. The generation following Anderson would thus pick up on not only his pioneering sense of story but Stein's pioneering sense of language, and its deterioration of meaning.

Cummings, and the Dadaists. Anderson has been noted as the only storyteller of his generation to have a great effect on the style and themes of the following generation. The structure Anderson employs in Winesburg, Ohio was also borrowed from Edgar Lee Masters' Spoon River Anthology which presented a series of character sketches in elegy form. Other works of literature which likely influenced Anderson's text are Turgenev's A Sportsman's Sketches, the works of Hawthorne which also portrayed the grotesque, and E.

Howe's The Story of a Country Town. Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio grows from these preceding texts and adds a "precise, ironic voice offering delicate accounts of grotesque human creatures. Furthermore, Anderson was a writer that depended overwhelmingly on his inner emotions. His writing as result tended to be unclear and scattered in many cases before and after Winesburg, Ohio.

I watched it quite a bit in-laws, no cable and got tickled, sometimes.


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So I respect the show plenty. And like the Monty Python movies popular during my junior high and high school years classics! What tires me, and what makes me—lonely? Maybe the urban areas I have chosen have been too earnest?

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The Germans, who pronounce my last name NOY-man. I first encountered Winesburg when one of my teachers at Indiana University, Tony Ardizzone, created a class on the form of linked stories. By contrast, the central character of this short story cycle, George Willard, seems a perfectly normal young man on the brink of maturity and poised to make the life-changing decision to leave Winesburg behind. His experiences there left an indelible mark on his consciousness—only to re-emerge many years later in this fictional narrative.

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Sherwood was born in into a family that was less than prosperous. His family moved frequently around the state of Ohio, settling in in Clyde, a frontier town where he lived for twelve formative years.

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As a boy, he was a voracious reader known for accessing books through his school library, as there was no public library in the town at that time. He had a reputation as a hard worker and was nicknamed "Jobby" for taking on a variety of odd jobs around town which occupied him upon dropping out of high school at the age of